Membership Fees

CrossFit is unique in what it provides for its members.  You are paying for a gym membership but are receiving group personal training.  What you will realize when you look at the prices is that the rates are substantially lower per hour then what a normal personal trainer at a fitness facility would charge. Most Trainers charge in the range of $25-$50 per hour.  Our memberships breakdown to around $5-$7 per hour.There are no Contracts at CrossFit Findlay. All memberships are month-to-month. All Memberships require Direct Payment. We require a 30 day notice to cancel your membership.

Unlimited Classes
Single Unlimited $100 per month (Includes Open Gym Times)
Married Couple Unlimited $180 per month (Includes Open Gym Times)
Full Time Student Unlimited $80 per month*
Police Officers, Firefighters, and Active Military Personnel Unlimited $70 per month*

Individual Classes
3 classes per week   $85 per month*
2 Classes per Week   $55 per month*

Drop in Rate
$10 per class (must notify us in advance, Drop in is for out of town CrossFitters who are familiar with the movements and not brand new to CrossFit.)

Personal Training
$50 per hour.   Discount Rate available for 3 Sessions per week.